High Visibility Jackets for Authority Figure

You will find many people with high visibility jackets at this time. Safety factor is the main thing that is offered by high viz jacket in the last few years. High viz jacket was first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1974 at the Health and Safety Work Act. At that time, the jacket is known as a protection from hazards. Since then, many companies require their employees to wear high visibility jackets. Not long after, this product became popular for its resilience and used by many people with different kinds of jobs.

Besides having the ability to make users more clearly visible, high visibility jackets are equipped with elements of protection because they are used by many people like security guards, police and road crew’s regulator. Thus, people will look at users of high viz jackets as an important figure. Visibility is very useful to make other people aware that the jacket user's as an authority. These examples are often found on construction supervisor or a bouncer at a club.

The working principle of high viz jacket is by reflecting the light that coming from vehicles and other light sources will make the user become more visible both in dark conditions or extreme weather. With these advantages, this product is suitable for use by all who use the street when in dark conditions such as the milkman and the paperboy. While you can find high visibility jackets in many places, there is no legal certainty regarding the use of this jacket for United Kingdom civilians. Law does not even recommend high viz jackets for motorcyclists and cyclists.

United Kingdom law will be different with other countries. Laws in France for example, they require motorists to wear high viz jackets when their car was crushed on the roadside and they need to get out from their vehicle. Karl Lagerfield, a famous fashion designer used by France to promote the new law on the ads He used to add a little French accent to high viz jacket.

You should wear this jacket if you are often in dark conditions such as heavy rain and snowstorms. High visibility jackets are appropriate investments for your ease detected by your colleagues, people who cross the street and vehicles.